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           Yangzhou Huapeng Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.  is a high-tech entity specialized in technology development on water-processing, environment protection, equipment producing, and project design and construction which has involved technology research and development and design and produce all together. The company owns a solid technological power and rich experience which help it to adopt the most advancing technique all over the world--- Membrane Separation Technique to produce the water-processing equipments up to the mustard of GMP and FDA.


          The company has set up a good cooperative relation with many famous companies all over the world, includingHYDRAUNAUTICS, most famous reverse osmosis membrane producer from America, DOWS Chemistry from America, GRUNDFOS, step pump producer from Denmark, And EDI module manufacturer United States GE has established good relations of cooperation We also keep cooperation with some colleges and researching institutions at home on research and development and product-design. All these make our technique at the leading position within the country.


          The company takes "Be honest, be practical, be creative and be developable" as enterprise spirit and tries its best to improve its product-R&D ability, broaden the business and sale net, provide the water-processing equipment up to the mustard of Chinese GMP, European COS and American FDA (GMP, COS and FDA certifications can be provided)with a reliable quality, reasonable price and best service, and cooperate with all medicine producer, companies on medical treatment, electricity-producing, chemical engineering, food and electronic product honestly. We sincerely welcome everyone to our company to examine, choose products and discuss.

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