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          Multi effect water distiller

          Working principle

          The qualified feed water is input into the condenser after increased the pressure by multilevel pump. And then enters into each preheater (the feed water will be heated by the secondary steam and distilled water in the condenser, in the fist stage preheater, the feed water heated by the industrial steam condensate water, after enters the other stages preheater, it is heated by the secondary steam condensate water). Next the feed water is input into the water distributor of the 1st stage evaporator, which is spouted to the inside of the heating tubes and flowed as film. The produced second steam with drips enters into the gas and steam separating setting from the bottom of the heating tubes. The separated pure steam enters into the next stage as heating steam, meanwhile, the feed water, which is not evaporated, enters into the next stage. And then it is repeated above mentioned process. The pure steam from last stage is converged with each stage condensed water (except 1st stage), after cooling and drainage of the non-condensable gas, (according to different model, there should be a device for discharge the non-condensable gas continuously) it is became the WFI. There is an on-line conductivity test at the output orifice, the qualified distilled water will be output as the WFI, and the unqualified will be discharged.



          1.   Structural form: External preheater, condenser and the first effect evaporator are all double tube plate designed.

          2.   Separation device: the feed water enters the equipment will under three stage separation that is film evaporation, gravity separation and special separation device.

          3.   Material: The parts that contact with the feed water, WFI and secondary steam should be all adopted with SS316L.

          4.   Automatic welding: For the connection of the pipeline and the spare parts, use the arc to protect the automatic welding track, to ensure the welding quality.

          5.   Three-dimensional elbow: Making stainless steel pipe directly tensile bend in the pipeline as far as possible, avoid welding.

          6.   Insulation: Both the separator and preheater are adopted with glass fiber needle wire mat, which is a new type thermal insulation material. The insulation effect is 30 times of the common insulation material.

          7.  Surface treatment: We use electro-chemical polish to the interior and the exterior surface, to effectively guarantee the finish of the surface of the stainless steel. We can also use sandblasting process to the exterior surface.

          8.  Energy saving: Multi-effect water distiller has a high utilization of the industrial steam because the secondary steam is used in each effect. which has a significant energy saving effect. This energy saving is obviously with the increase of the mummer of effect evaporators, at the same time, the amount of the cooling water is substantially reduced. The five-stage effect water distiller of our company only use little cooling water, while the six-stage effect water distiller doesn’t need cooling water.

          9.   Automatic sterilization process after start, achieve the system self-sterilization process.

          10.  Control system: Adopt PLC automatic control technology, can provide a variety of modes of communication, which meet the control system of 21CFR PART11, the automatic control system can meet the requirement of GAMP5.

          11.  Recording mode: You can choose the paperless recorder, and also paper recorder to record the key parameters in real time

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