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          Pure steam generator

          Pure steam generator

          Pure Steam Generator

          PSG series pure steam generator of HUAPENG is the equipment which is manufactured purified steam by heating industrial steam. It is adopted the deion water as raw water. It is mainly used for pharmaceutical equipments and sterilization of all kinds of craft production line (pipeline and storage tank etc.)



          ★    The evaporator and separator from into a huge connector, which make full use of heat. The whole equipment can reach the largest productivity at a short time in the state of standby.

          ★    Raw water get full use as the level control, it is equipment which can real save energy.

          ★    With simple structure and easy disassembly and install.

          ★    With sanitary PTFE sealing.

          ★    The parts(including pipes),which are contacted with raw water, pure steam and pure steam condensed water, are adopted SS316L

          ★  The surfaces of evaporator and separator are using acid cleaning, passivation processing.

          ★    Double-faced automatic welding with argon shield guarantees the welding quality.


          Working principle:

          The qualified raw water is input into the branch of condenser after increased the pressure by multilevel pump, and then enter into the separator and evaporator. The level is controlled by level switch. After entering the evaporator, the industrial steam is heating raw water to evaporation temperature, and then form into strong heat cycle in the evaporation room and separation room. After vaporizing, raw water changes into steam which enters into the separator with water drops. Those water drops will be detached from the steam and enter into raw water at the effect of gravity in the separation device which fixed at the top of separator; it will produce ultra purified steam at the top of separator.

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