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          Distribution system

          PW distribution system

          Distribution system is to distribute the water to process use points , while ensuring pressure ,fiow and temperature in line with the needs of the process point. The system monitoring and control water flow , pressure , temperature , total organic carbon , electrical conductivity , ozone and control the microbial load in water through cyclical sterilization.


          Provide purified water storage and distribution system SKID of for pharmaceutical companies . System cans realize pasteurization ,ozone disinfection , pure steam sterilization or hot water sterilization and other disinfection mode . Using3D modular design to ensure compact , beautiful and generous .The pump ,heat exchanger , valves , pipeline materials required by equipment are used for outstanding international brands , to ensure the quality of the system . The selection of control system hardware is based on the standard module widely used in world . For PLC we use SIEMENS 300 series ,MP277 series of touch screen for HMI . The program design , check and constitute are in conjunction with V-GAMP5 model , the software model is applicable to all the PLC S7 system . The design of program refers to the GAMP5 to optimize the design , improving the stability of the program , and there are relevant documents to support , to ensure the traceability of the system . In order to check whether the purified water system can produced stably in accordance with the quality requirements in a variety of situations that may occur in the future , HUAPENG verify and test the system involving: risk assessment (RA) / design qualification (DQ) / installation qualification (IQ) /operational qualification (OQ). All system meet the requirements of FDA cGMP 、EU GMP、WHO GMP and SFDA GMP .


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